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Down For The Count (1987)
Release Year: 1987 Cast: Kurt Bauer Eric Manchester Matthew Wild Chad Johnson Jon Vincent Joe Fuller David Davello Ricky Rhodes Danny Russo Sven Ericson Tyler Jensen Genres: Feature Classic Jocks Pre-Condom Muscles strain and bodies tense, as hot young jocks give their best in this act of sexual
Hairy Muscle Daddy part 3 (1979)
Release Year: 1979 Cast: Uncredited Genres: Mature Classic Muscles Bear Vintage Body Builders Anal Pre-Condom DILF A young, smooth blond bodybuilder begins the fun by doing bicep curls for the amusement of an older bearded da.ddy, who is mesmerized by his every move. Da.ddy moves in to fondle and
Hand In The Fire (1988)
Release Year: 1988 Cast: Dany Brown, Frederic Laroche, Kemal Rais, Angelo Despaz, Driss Rachid, Assan Ariana Genres: Classic Muscles Anal Pre-Condom Little Dany plays a shady guy on the run - it seems like there's a firebug loose in gay Paree. It's pretty much by the number storywise
Muscle European Soldiers In Orgies
Release Year: 1996 Cast: Alexei Gromoff, Joska Tenta, Lajos Magyar, Marko Nagy, Sasha Borov, Arpad Miklos, Rezso Farkas, Attila Sipos, Akos Matyas, Krisztian Simon, Janos Balczik, Nicolai Otov, Boris Otov Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Double Penetration, Group sex, Masturbation, Oral Sex,
7 In A Barn (1969) - Dean Chasson, Tod Taylor, Val Anderson
Release Year: 1969 Cast: Tod Taylor, Val Anderson, Marty Storm, Dean Chasson, Jerome Sanderson, Jim Gorga Genres: Shot on film, Anal, Oral, Orgy Scene, Pre-Condom Video language: English Dean Chasson and six others in this classic movie about rural buddies who form a sex club in a barn. Based on a
Boot Camp - A Long Way From Home (1989)
Release Year: 1989 Cast: Matt Windsor, Vincent Gionini, Kevin Glover, Danny Bliss, Alan Lambert, Tim Lowe, Les Stine, Tony Davis, Lee Jennings, Rick Sands, Danny Brown, Rod Garetto, Brad Weston Genres: Muscle Men, Freshmen, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Solo Video language: English The story of boot
Release Year: 1997 Genres: bareback, porn Video language: English It's life in the nude lane! Filmed on location in the Washington, DC gay strip club "Wet" and featuring the Wet dancers, this cute film follows newcomers Doug Jeffries and Jay Anthony as they around DC during Quilt Weekend,
Confessions Of A Male Groupie (1971) - D.C. Michaels, Larry Danser
Release Year: 1971 Cast: D.C. Michaels, Larry Danser, Myona Phetish, Ruffin Tumble, Sky Kinque Genres: Blowjob, Cumshot, Feature, Classic, Masturbation Video language: English Sex debauchery of Rock-n-Roll world of the 1970's gets a gay twist in this joyous yet frustrating porno cum
A Guide To Better Gay Sex Erotic Choices (1994)
Release Year: 1994 Cast: Michael Hofland, David Demeler, Richard Hochuli, Brian McElroy, Paul Bales, Yanni Von Staden, Mark McGuyre, Mark Anthony (90s) Genres: Gay, Educational, Softcore, Hunks, Erotic Video language: English Sexual information about alternative positions and techniques that are
Falcon - The Abduction Part 3 - Redemption
An evil colonel, a righteous commando, and a prince who requires constant sex. From the secret society to the palace of the prince, young men must obey and serve their abductors' every sexual desire...but it can't last forever! Format: avi Duration: 1:04:07 Video: 640x480, DivX 5,
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