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The Intimate Rebels
Studio: Jaguar Productions, Bijou Lovers Mike and Ray cant seem to resist temptation at work or at home. Ray fools around with his beefcake employee at the docks, while Mike cant keep away the countless friends and strangers knocking on his door, looking for a good time. Jerk-off competitions,
Fire and Smoke
Studio: Miami Beach Fire Smoke features a ragtag band of uniformed bear-men with two things in common: cigars and dick. In a land far away from twinkville, these manly men do very manly things to each other while grunting like real men. In the first scene, York (blonde, hunky) and Scott
How I Got The Story
Studio: Nova Studios In the title story How I Got the Story, Beau Matthews does an interview with Michael Christopher, whos sporting a very thick head of hair, with his mouth full of dick. Leading Beau to a waterfall by drawing him in with his big naked dick, Michael goes down on Beau while the
The Last Taboo
Studio: Studio 2000 Drawing inspiration from todays headlines, the story of The Last Taboo revolves around the hot topic of same?sex marriage, and its impact on the lives of four male couples and their friends. Even though its evident from the very start of the video that a marriage has taken
Sizing Up
Studio: Huge Heres an oldie from legendary director Matt Sterling that came out on his Huge label. Its from 1984 and the title is "Sizing Up". It stars the totally twinkalicious Kurt Marshall along with an all-star cast, it has a sports jock theme, and the sex is just so fucking hot!! This is
Magnum Griffin Vol. 7 (1991) - Steve York, Eric Ryan, Chris Burns
Release Year: 1991 Cast: Chris Burns, Eric Ryan, Shadow Joyce, Steve York Genres: Anal, Oral, Precondom Video language: English Steve and Chris get together for the most exciting wrestling match ever! They both like to break the rules, and their rough wrestling results in their outfits being torn
Excess - Brandon Wells, Butch Taylor, Matthew Windsor (1989)
Release Year: 1989 Cast: Brandon Wells, Butch Taylor, Matthew Windsor, Neil Thomas, Rich Burns, Robert French, Timothy Balfore Genres: Classic, Anal, Pre-Condom Video language: English Matthew Windsor is having one of those days when every time he turns around there's more sex coming right at
Falcon - Anthology Series - The Best of Zak Spears
See what makes Zak Spears a true Falcon Legend! Nine scorching hot, full-length scenes from some of Falcon's greatest titles of all time make this collection a must own. Format: mkv (Matroska) Duration: 2:26:37 Video: 708x480, HEVC File size: 1.5 GB
Kickboxing Getting Below the Belt - Chance Caldwell, Marcus Braun (1998)
Release Year: 1998 Cast: Chance Caldwell, Darrin Powers, Johnny Rahm, Marcus Braun, Mike Hunter, Sean Carrera, Serge, Storm, Trey Tempest, Steve Cannon Genres: Classic, Anal, Muscle, Safe Sex Italian director, Sebastian Lore has brought his vision to California to capture the art and sexuality of
Rugged Men (1973) - Randi Rhodes, Weldon Johnson
Release Year: 1973 Cast: Randi Rhodes, Weldon Johnson, Fred Kinkaid, Larry Renton, Uri Kaslov, Tracy Lee Genres: Plot Based, Bondage, Anal, Oral, Butt Play, Threesomes Video language: English This low-rent, hardcore version of Kenneth Anger film contains three sexual vignettes. The first,
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