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Studio: Studio 2000

Happy New Year. Has Studio 2000 got something special with which to greet the New Year? You bet we have. Just as grease guns opened up 1994 and kept us well lubed for most of the year, studio 2000 inaugurates the coming of 1995 with the powerful roar and the authority growl of the bike world in a smashing video certain to keep you stroking at top speed for a good part of the coming year (or a year of coming???) with power trip.
power trip was shot on location in the real thing--a bike shop that specializes in customizing the Harley-David--the big beast that is the ultimate symbol of masculine power, speed, excitement, thrills, violence and challenge. Behind these dangerous beauties are the men whose talents and abilities are trained and honed to tool these machines to perfection. These are the men who labor to make the Harley the unquestioned king of the road are cut from the same doth--testosterone perfectionists who tool their equipment and parts to a cutting edge of power, heat, lust and an almost visual potential for violence and speed.
To climb aboard one of these sleek, power-packed, fearsome beauties is to embark on a power trip. To enter the world of the men behind these machines is another kind of power trip--equally dangerous and exciting--where the thrills and chills are often sexual duels of driven libidos and muscle-powered bodies of rippling beauty and juicy, steel hard cocks.
power trip begins when young, innocent Chad Connors (whose face and body could inspire great art and well as great lust) enters Rumble Road to check out their collection of over-the-top customize bikes. His lust for a bike makes him an easy target for salesman Mac Reynolds who uses his considerable experiences and beautiful equipment to convince Chad nirvana is getting plowed on the back of a big, mean machine.
The power trip continues as we meet shop owner Tony Hampton who has just hired young and winning Rick Thomas who he feels will be good for the business as both a fine mechanic and gay. This idea doesnt set too well with a couple of the other men in the shop. Rob Banks and Jake Ellswick who have overdosed on red-neck ideas and low grade testosterone find Rick a threat to their own images--not to mention their confusion. When Rob vents his fear and anger on Rick, Tony stands by his decision and fires Rob. How this clash between 60s ostrichism and the rainbow coalition of the 90s is played out is the action of our power trip.
Along the way there are a number of powerful and trippy encounters between the men of Rumble Road--men like the luscious Latin with the oversized power pump Rod Majors and the square-jawed and sweet-assed Scott Wilder; like Eric York a fiery Finn who proves you can be Nordic and hot and the aforementioned Rick Thomas; and Christian Fox who Tony Hampton puts into a sling and then proceeds to attack his ass with unrelenting lust and fury. Then there are Rob and Jake. Just how they fit into this power trip of sex and machines has a little twist that well leave for you to discover for yourselves.
For those of you who felt that grease guns was a studio 2000 must have (and happily you were a legion) then power trip is a must. For those of you who may not have discovered this side of our perality, we urge you to wait no longer. Its time to climb on board and take that power trip. It will take you where youve only dreamed of going before now.

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