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After having gone through with the disciplinary action, Elder Mackey asked to be inducted into The Order. After making this request, the Brethren met and agreed to evaluate him.
The Evaluation process shed light on some of Elder Mackeys colorful past. Before he decided to serve a mission, Elder Mackey realized he was attracted to the other boys at school.
Like many young sexually repressed Mormon boys, Elder Mackey was to think about sex all the time. For a moment he self-identified as someone who struggles with same sex attraction. But then, after realizing a life of celibacy would leave him unsatisfied, Elder Mackey decided he would stop struggling, at least in his private life. You cant always do everything youre told to do. Sometimes you just have to be naughty, Elder Mackey said with a grin.
Soon after graduating from high school, Elder Mackey began looking for sexual experiences. By the middle of summer he was already in contact with various porn producers, making several films.
He was determined to have as much anonymous gay sex as possible before submitting his mission papers the next year“and porn was the perfect outlet. Plus, he could make a lot of money.
As far as friends and family (and church leaders) knew, Elder Mackey was taking various sales jobs to save up for his mission. Two of his friends from seminary had spent all summer working jobs selling pesticide and insurance on the East Coast; So when Elder Mackey was flying various places to sell alarm systems, no one was the wiser.
Needless to say the physical part of Elder Mackeys Evaluation went very well! He is in top physical shape. He was very surprised that his priesthood evaluator was such a beautiful, muscular young man. Entering the Mormon priesthood and making gay porn were much more similar than he could have dreamed.

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