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A Love Story begins with a fight between Mark (Matt Bradshaw) and Sam (Jackson Phillips), which takes place after Mark walks in on Sam in the middle of an orgy. While driving away, Mark gets into a car accident and loses his memory. As Sam searches for Mark, who has seemingly disappeared, Mark remembers a past life when he was a wounded soldier named Kevin in the care of a nurse named Jay (an earlier incarnation of Sam). While the only opposition in this story seem to be time and circumstance, the tension steadily builds as Mark slowly loses his identity in his own soul's romantic, yet tragic, past even as Sam struggles to become reunited with the only man he has ever really loved.

The first sex scene is in black & white and involves Jay giving an intense sponge bath to Kevin. Soon, Jay is sucking Kevin's cock and Kevin reciprocates, despite his injuries. While looking for Mark, Sam interrupts a three-way between Glen Hunter, Anthony Gallo and Peter Wilder. As soon as Sam leaves, the three men go back to sucking each other off and fucking the hell out of Peter's ass!

Still distraught over the disappearance of Mark, Sam answers his phone and gets invited to a sex party with Mario Antonio, Kyle Reardon, Kurt Stefano, and Jordan West. Sam declines the offer, and the four men proceed without him. Eventually, we discover what upset Mark so much, eventually causing him to crash Sam's car. As Sam remembers that evening, we're led into an extremely hot orgy scene with Paul Morgan, Marcelo Reeves, Eric Rieger, Thom Barron, Brian Daniels, and Tony Zerega.

When everything comes together, we're given one last, romantically erotic scene between Mark and Sam. As the two of them make love, sharing each other's body until they reach climax, we're given a glimpse of sex at its purest and most tender.

Director Sam Abdul's 50th video, A Love Story, is a touching tale of two men who are destined to be together no matter how many lifetimes it takes. With true romance as its base, A Love Story uses a tight, fully cohesive plot, good performances, interesting videography, and, of course, five hot sex scenes to create an erotic experience which is as heartfelt as it is XXX!

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